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Interview with A Rocket Complex

Not a long time ago Daily Metal received an EP A Wayward Constant from young alt-pop-rock band A Rocket Complex. The music was nice and sincere so we was interested a lot. With it there was interesting video for one of the songs and the guys were very nice. So we talked to them about handmade guitars, songs' meaning, alt-pop-rock and many other.

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  • Автор: Наталія Дмитрук

A Rocket Complex - A Wayward Constant

If take a though, alt pop rock is an absolutely universal music. It fits for the sad lifetime as well as for the happier times. It motivates, it cheers up; this music is ideal as a soundtrack and good for parties, festivals, trips etc. Of course, there are some "but" and it all depends of what band plays this kind of music.

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Rock-Geo#3: metal in Honduras

Rock-Geo project continue to travel down the Central America. It's impossible to do it without country with such an interesting name for the Ukrainians: welcome to Honduras, ladies and gentlemen. This tropical place with high mountains and mosquito jungles, which is washed by deep waters of Caribbean sea from the one side and Pacific Ocean from another. There tourists can see historical memories from the Mayan's times with colonial architecture, sand beaches and low hotel prices. But Ukrainians don't know much about metal in Honduras. So, introducing an interview with guitarist Mario Mandujano and vocalist Allan Fiallos from Crows Crown band, which has won the national battle and will be the first Honduras band that goes to Wacken Open Air.

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Rock-Geo#2: metal in Nicaragua

There are many incredible things in a world. Every Ukrainian student knows that "London is a capital of Great Britain", but not many of our citizens are interested in geography and know something more than "a little bit" about far, amazing lands. Ukrainian metalheads can name American, German and Scandinavian bands easily, but they still having problems with more exotic regions. Central America: how much do you know about Nicaragua? Ukrainians associate it with tropical forests, exotic birds, coffee and bananas, maybe Caribbean sea (by the way, the real Pirates of the Caribbean were exactly here) and over forty volcanoes. Someone remember about Managua and Nicaragua lakes (the biggest freshwater lakes in a region, unique with the sharks in them). A few knows about Daniel Ortega and unstable politician life in a second half of 20-th century. Being Spanish colony hundreds of years, Nicaragua still very religious country. So, what happens with rock and metal scene there? It's better to find it out firsthand. Daily Metal Rock-Geo presents the interview with Nicky Hernandez, vocalist of Nicaragua Christian metal band Warriors. You will know everything about metal life in this country.

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  • Автор: Сандра Конопацька

Groovenom - Pink Lion [ENG]

This is the second album from German transcorers Groovenom, released by Noizgate records. This record is one of the largest discoveries of this spring and it's breaking the mold. So, ladies and gentlemen, today we're talking about Pink Lion. Because this beast more than worthy of attention. 

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Daily Metal always get some fresh releases from German label Noizgate Records. This time we were made happy by physical copy of new album by All Will Know, six guys from Darmstadt. According to press-release they playing "innovative and modern melodic death metal with metalcore and electronic influences".


  • Автор: Сандра Конопацька


Fifteen years for the band is a serious anniversary. It's a long period of time, while there is everything can be changed. From line-up to music style.

Death band Placenta from Berlin celebrating it's anniversary in October. And for this reason the band release its first "Best of" compilation for its long history.

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  • Автор: Сандра Конопацька

Watch Out Stampede – Tides (2015) [ENG]

German music scene is well known by its energy and genre variety. This country is really treasury, full of talents and bands, playing different styles and genres.

In the middle of August we received new creation from Bremen's post-hardcore five Watch Out Stampede – their second album named Tides, which will be released September, 25 by Noizgate Records label.

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Daily Metal #5 [ENG]

Summertime. Beautiful sunny summer. Finally.

Probably it's not a secret that the summer is festivals time. Time for adventures and new experiences that would become pleasant memories later.

That's new, fifth in the general account, a third English-speaking, and the first summer issue of Daily Metal and it's full of the festival atmosphere.

Inside there are some reviews of May major releases, excursion into the "rock opera" genre stories about star's riders, reflection of rock 'n' roll drug fog of, and as usual a number of interesting interviews.

Welcome! And let your summer, which has only just begun, will be an unforgettable and unrivaled and gives unlimited amount of positive emotions and impressions!

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  • Автор: Alexandr Druzhitskiy

Daily Metal #4 [ENG]

Ukrainian webzine Daily Metal presents English version of May issue.
It’s a second time we translate our journal for worldwide auditory.
This time you can find inside an interview with Vlad In Tears - one of the main formers in a Germany dark-scene. Also there is a talk with Italian band Pavic, recognizing Ukrainian guitar producers and some April albums reviews.

Our main heroes are one of the famous band from Ukraine heavy scene - Jinjer.

You are welcome!

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  • Автор: Сандра Конопацька

Interview with Mundtot

Young and promising German rock band Mundtot makes music filled with harshness and coldness of big cities, with loneliness and doubts, and surpisingly uses a pineapple as the band’s logo. Sadly, the guys don’t give any explanation about that choice but the lead singer Tino Wagner kindly answered a couple of our questions.

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  • Автор: Сандра Конопацька

Daily Metal #3 [ENG]

Ladies and gentlemen! Greetings from Ukraine!

Here it is - first Daily Metal Web Magazine issue in English. 
This is our first try to expand horizons and to write some stuff oriented for international reader.

So it's your decision if we have succeeded or not.

There are some interviews waiting for you inside: new U.D.O.'s drummer Sven Dirkschneider, known Ukrainian band Without Limits and acquaintance with young and perspective musician from Glasgow. Also there is an overview article about concert management, some talk with Morton Studio - one of the top Ukrainian sound studios - and reviews for March releases.

So welcome on board and enjoy! 
We're waiting for your feedback! 

Keep on rockin' & stay metal!

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